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wednesday July 15, 2015
Beauty -OR- the BeastThe notion of weeds is of the most subjective, since in most cases a plant is defined as "bad" when it harms humans, his activities or his pets or his livestock. In some cases we classify a plant, frequently an introduced, a weeds when they invade an ecosystem, harming, or so it is believed, to biodiversity.
These beautiful flowers belong to a plant that meets several of the criteria for a weed: it contains a toxic substance to humans and most other animals and can quickly and abundantly occupy a territory, this "evil" is the infamous Giant Hogweed.
Yes, the plant that displays such beautiful flower heads (Flowers) and impresses by its size is the "monster" much maligned. It is ironic that it is because of its beauty that it have been cultivated and because of that it was able to spread throughout the world.
For me, it is with mixed emotions that I have observed and photographed my first specimen. I have long believed that species imaginary, appeared in Quebec in 1990 only I knew his history and "qualities" since 1972 through a song by Peter Gabriel: The return of the Giant Hogweed. I thought at the time that the words who told the story of a plant found in the Caucasus Mountains and was invading the land, spoke of a fictitious plant. Today when I listen to the song again, I realize that it describes very well this plant.
So for me, my relationship with this plant is one of admiration and fear or perhaps one of love and hate.
For more on the Giant Hogweed, visit its page on my site and why not listen or listen again to the song by Genesis The return of the Giant Hogweed featuring a very young Peter Gabriel.
Giant Hogweed
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tuesday July 28, 2015
On peut trouver de la Berce du Caucause au Centre-du-Québec?
Gilles, Drummondville
tuesday July 28, 2015
@Gilles: Oui, un peu partout autour de la ville de Drummond et des villages avoisinants, en ville comme telle, je ne sais pas.
Michel, Flore du Québec