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sunday April 26, 2009
I neglected my site recently (let us say for 10 months:-), too much work, I neglected my passion also: the flora of Quebec. But there I'll try to discipline myself, job is very important, but there is just not that in life (especially not just that!).
It's full of good resolutions that I present here the first article (of a numerous series I hope) on the regional/municipal parks.
We all know our magnificent provincial and federal Parks, but there is also a plethora of small parks dedicated most of the time on the presentation and preservation of wilderness, the first one about whom I am going to speak is located in the region of Quebec city (Capitale-Nationale) more exactly in Donnacona: Le Parc familial des Berges.
Le Parc Familial Des Berges presents several environment on a relatively modest surface: swamps, flooded lands, mixed wood and banks. We can find long stilted footpath which make the ike pleasant and a little bit exotic.
With these numerous swampy zones, it's not exceptional to observe numerous ducks.
But naturally what interests me most is of course plants, we must find numerous aquatic species during summer here. I was able to observe, at the beginning of spring, some Trout lilys, Red trillium and of course, numerous Coltsfoots.
This park is promising, it's not my last visit !