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tuesday March 20, 2012
Sugar house Located in Bécancour, Centre-du-Québec, the Parc écologique GodeFroy offers pedestrian paths in a wood of maple and oaks along the Godefroy river. Besides these essences we find two species of tree that we do not usually encounter on the St-Lawrence north-shore: magnificent and big White elm and the Shagbark hickory.
Closer to ground we can find the usual flora of banks and rich undergrowth there : Larger Blue-Flag, Northern starflower, Ostrich fern, Starry false solomon's seal, etc... Two species are remarkable by their profusion in this park : the Green false hellebore and the Eastern skunk cabbage.
Snow geeseIt is early in spring or even, at the end of winter, that we can observing the flowers of the Skunk cabbage. On the way we saw, in a field near the St-Lawrence river, Snow geese heading towards their site of nesting in the North of Quebec.Canada geese In the park we observe one other migrant species on the Godefroy river : the Canada goose.
We are not disappointed, the ground still partially covered with snow, shows a multitude of Skunk cabbage. If this plant bloom through the snow it's because the plant produced heat, up to 35 degrees Celsius more than the ambient air.
Eastern skunk cabbage, flowers Eastern skunk cabbage, leaves
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