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friday July 9, 2010
A wonderful journey ! 900 km, 12 hours drive just to get there! But what a memorable expedition, first of all the services of the Loiselle family at Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan which assured our hosting and the transport by boat on islands were more than completes. Caravans are spacious, clean and well equipped, like central heating that was useful even in july !
And what to say about the competence, the kindness and the skill of Captain Arnold of the Loup Marin, simply perfect !
I would also like to underline the excellent service received from the employees of Park Canada in the Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan Reception and Interpretation Centre. The kindness and skill was also there with in bonus a charming accent.
From Sept-Iles the coast is magnificent, kilometers of sandy beaches, the sea air, the majestic, but cold gulf (the temperature of the water varies between 4 in 6 degrees Celsius, and this, winter as summer), and indeed the particular flora of which I shall write in detail in the third part of this article.
200 km farther, finally Minganie: beyond the 50th parallel, 1100 km from Montreal, near the coast in the Gulf of Saint-Lawrence (Moyenne Côte-Nord), are around thirty limestones islands as well as more than one thousand granitic islands with particular flora and fauna and the famous monoliths, it is the archipelago of Mingan. We are exhausted, starved, but the sea air revive us!

Enlarge map

Although my site deals with flora I cannot refrain, to conclude this first part, from putting photos of the fauna which we catch sight of. In order: a young Common Rorqual, an Atlantic Puffin, Arctic Terns, Harp seal, Razorbills and young Great Black-backed Gulls.
*Thanks to Aryzona for some photos of theses articles on Minganie.
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tuesday July 13, 2010
Bonjour !!!  Bel article qui m'invite à y allée :) et a y prendre une sniffer d'air du large !!!! D' y voir de si beau paysage m'éconnu de notre si belle province. j'ai hâte de lire la suite !!!
Carmen, Québec