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sunday July 6, 2008
A short visit to the Mauricie national park allowed me to observe an important variation in blooms periods of species in spite of the relative nearness of the compared zones. For example in Trois-Rivières, 100 km further South, the Bunchberry is ripening its fruits, in the Park it's barely in flower, it's the same for Sheep Laurel which, mainly in buds in the Park, is difficult to find still in flower near the St-Lawrence river.
I estimate this gap of maturation of these species to be approximately 15 days. On the other hand for species with a longer period of bloom, as Common Wood Sorrel, the gap is not visible during a single visit. Of course, besides the latitude, the difference of altitude (10 in 30 meters for Trois-Rivières, 150 in 500 meters for the Park) is certainly a factor to consider.
This brief excursion allowed me a to add a species to my photographic collection : the Large-leaved lupine.
This first visit for my one-year-old granddaughters, allowed them to observe a funny jumping dog with long ears (a hare in fact). My 3-year-old grandson, on is side, is disappointed, he did not observe his first black bear yet! Each in its own passion ...

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