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tuesday June 24, 2008
Summer's there with its multitude of blooming plants! In ditches, fields, clearings, appear clovers, the Bladder campion, cinquefoil, Hawkweed, buttercups, tMeadow goatsbeard, the Tufted vetch and the Oxeye daisy. In the forest while the Bunchberry and the Stemless lady's-slipper throw their last fires, the Indian cucumber-root and the Shinleaf begin their blooms.
While returning to the La Gabelle Park I came across a colony of a old summer friend : the Garden bird's-foot trefoil. Better still, while collecting a few wild strawberries I discover a small unknown flower of me, it is the Snow-in-summer (that I was able to identify thanks to my invaluable book "Flore laurentienne"), escaped from gardens.
I was near the bank of St-Maurice (but 100 meters higher) when I decide to go there (pleasant ride to go, difficult way back top) because I saw a swampy clearing where I hope to find the Larger Blue-Flag.
It's the day of the new species (at least for me) because halfway the river spreads out in front of me a carpet of Twin-flowers ! Farther down I effectively find my Blue-Flag, but furthermore, a other surprise, two small news ones than I would never have seen if I had not bent to take a picture of the Blue-Flag: some Small Forget-me-not and a Marsh speedwell.
Yet a magnificent St-Jean-Batiste with a lot of discoveries, can't wait for next Holiday !
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