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tuesday May 13, 2008
In January under more than 300 cms of snow, we cannot imagine that one day the landscape is going to blossom again and nevertheless, when that begins it is magnificent ! Whereas in Boisé St-Maurice the Beaked hazelnut is in flower and the Winter Cress brings out its floral buttons, in Boisé des Estacades it is a blooming explosion !
Beaked hazelnut Barbarée commune
In lower Boisé des Estacades, near the St-Maurice river bloom's at last the Trout lily, Mayflower, the Red trillium and the Sessile-leaved bellwort.
Trout lily Mayflower Red trillium Red trillium Sessile-leaved bellwort Sessile-leaved bellwort
But it's at home that I made the most surprising discovery of the week, after three years without seeing it, because the only place where I knew where to find it does not exist any more: Boisé Cooke, almost completely shaved to give way to a domiciliary development, it is in my back yard under a white Pine that I find the False morel, with its headgear so particular.
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