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tuesday March 1, 2016
1 K!You are now more than 1,000 to follow the Facebook page of Quebec Flora! This is despite the fact that I have not done much to my website or Facebook page in 2015. My limited activity last year on Flora of Quebec in no way reflects my lack of interest in this site, on the contrary, but it was rather due to minor healths problems (my vision) that prevented me. This is now fixed!
I look forward to share with you during this year my new photos, texts and discoveries on the flora of Quebec, especially since they predict a very early spring. In addition to the new species that I will add (I have over 300 plants photographed and identified), I will focus in 2016 on new discoveries that are made on the "sentience" of the plants and also on the new applications for our plants, for example the common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) that offers amazing Commercial lead.
Asclepias syriaca
So I wish you all a wonderful 2016 years filled with beautiful flora and discovery and for me, the pleasures of reading your comments.

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friday March 4, 2016
Bonne santé Michel
Gilles, Saints-Anges
friday March 4, 2016
@Gilles: Merci!
Michel, Flore du Québec
tuesday March 15, 2016
Hi Michel, I love wildflowers. I wish you good health.
Lulin , Montreal
saturday March 19, 2016
@Lulin: Thanks!
Michel, Flore du Québec