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friday May 11, 2012
This weekend nice weather is announced, then wherever you are, take time to admire the spring flora which is at its peak.
In our towns and villages is the yellow color that gets the spotlight, on roadsides, in ditches, waste ground and lawns we can see a profusion of Coltsfoot and Common dandelion, there is also, here and there, clusters of Winter Cress.
Coltsfoot Common dandelion Winter Cress
In our forests it's the color white that has the honor, one can observe mats of Mayflower, and of Carolina spring beauty, some Painted Trillium lighten the underwoods and if you have the chance that this forest is located in the mountains, you could find the Early saxifrage, and if you're even luckier, you could have a look at the Wood anemone, a unusual plant here in Quebec.
Mayflower Carolina spring beauty Painted Trillium Early saxifrage Wood anemone
But it is in rich woods, especially in maple woods, that the spring flora is shining brightly.
The Trout lily with its yellow flowers and glossy green leaves speckled with brown spots his next to the Red trillium with his huge purple flower and nearly round leaves. There is also the white flowers of the Two-leaved Toothwort with his cut leaves often meshed with white, and if you're lucky you can see the beautiful Bloodroot with his huge white flowers and so special leaves.
To add to this orgy of color, the Blue cohosh is doing its part with its sometimes purple foliage and with his brown, almost black, flowers.
Trout lily Red trillium Two-leaved Toothwort Bloodroot Blue cohosh
It is hard to believe that in a few days, when the leaves are fully open, the majority of these plants will have disappeared, including leaves and stems, as if they had never been there.
So no matter where you are, go out and watch the show, Quebec is beautiful in all seasons, do not miss any !
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