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sunday July 17, 2011
Lake St-JeanIt seems that every time I return to Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean there is a heatwave, 33 degrees Celsius and without counting the humidex factor this time. We have, and first of all, taken advantage of this magnificent lake by taking a dive.
On the bank I observed two beautiful species: the Canada anemone and the Giesecke's bellflower that we confuse most of the time with the Harebell, species not presents in Quebec.
Canada anemone Giesecke's bellflower
Lake St-JeanDuring the night there where violent thunderstorms, the next day a more bearable temperature waited us but the winds dissuaded us to dive in the lake before our departure.
A short expedition but very pleasant.

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monday November 2, 2020
Bonjour. Svp j’aimerais savoir comment se rendre en haut du cap à l’aigle?
Cédric N., Trois rivières