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saturday June 4, 2011
Although distant of about ten kilometers by boat of the Camping of Lake Mékinac in Mauricie, the Cap à l'aigle, situated in the north extremity of the lake, requires a furthermore drive of 100km among which last 40 km on a more or less passable forest road.
But the beauty of the landscapes let's us forget about the long drive. The mountainous banks makes the lake a kind of fjord which shelters a flora which prospers on mountainous ground.
I have observed there, earlier in may the Early saxifrage and now in june I can see here the Pink corydalis, the magnificent Red columbine and the rare Purple clematis, all those plants prosper well in rocky soil.
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monday November 2, 2020
Bonjour. Svp j’aimerais savoir comment se rendre en haut du cap à l’aigle quand on est à la plage du cap à l’aigle?
Cédric N., Trois-Rivieres
monday November 2, 2020
Pour se rendre sur le cap il y a quelques sentiers forestiers un peu plus haut sur le chemin.
Flore du Québec, Trois-Rivières
friday April 26, 2024
Peut on stationner au bout du chemin de l'anse à Rheault au pied du cap à l'aigle?
Frederic, Sherbroike