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Rubus pubescens

Ronce pubescente

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The Dewberry is a close relative of the raspberry (Rubus idaeus) and just like the raspberry its fruit is edible and with a pleasant flavor.
By cons, the Dewberry has less fruits and the receptacles are not easily detachable.
It must be said that the receptacles are also edible, and that the Dewberry has the advantage of not having any prickles.
Its leaves are also edible and aromatic, the leaves of the Dewberry are part of new spices and herbs called "boreal".
The flower sometimes looks like a little disheveled white rose.
Dewberry (Rubus pubescens)
Dewberry : 1- Flower
Dewberry : 2- Flowering plant
Dewberry : 3- Fruit
Dewberry : 4- Flower
Dewberry : 5- Fruits
Photos of  Rubus pubescens