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Umbellate hawkweed

Hieracium umbellatum

Épervière en ombelle

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There is in Quebec introduced and natives Hawkweed.
The Umbellate hawkweed is unquestionably a native because it blooms in our wood and forests.
Called sometimes Canadian hawkweed it is also the biggest of our hawkweed.
Its basal leaves, especially at the beginning of its growth, are often stained with purple.
The excessive polymorphism of the gender Hieracium explains the very numerous Latin synonyms of this species.
Umbellate hawkweed (Hieracium umbellatum)
Umbellate hawkweed : 1- Flower and buds
Umbellate hawkweed : 2- Flowering plants
Umbellate hawkweed : 3- Flower
Umbellate hawkweed : 4- Young plant
Umbellate hawkweed : 5- Back-view flower
Umbellate hawkweed : 6- Colony
Photos of  Hieracium umbellatum