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Wild chicory

Cichorium intybus

Chicorée sauvage

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A pretty and very useful 'weed'.
The flowers (capitula, flower head or pseudanthium) last only one day, the rays are first blue and then, while following the path of the sun, they turn pink, white and finally brown and withered.
Fortunately, the flower heads (clusters of flowers without stalks looking like a single flower) do not bloom all at once.
We find two to three flowers in the axils of each leaf, one of those flowers is sessile (directly on the stem) and the others have a stalk.
The Wild chicory is an introduced from Eurasia.
Taproot (relatively straight and tapered root from which other roots grow laterally).
Several food uses.
Wild chicory (Cichorium intybus)
Wild chicory : 1- Flowering plant
Wild chicory : 2- Flower
Wild chicory : 3- Stalk, leaf and buds
Wild chicory : 4- Flower and buds
Wild chicory : 5- Leaves
Wild chicory : 6- Flower
Wild chicory : 7- Bud
Wild chicory : 8- Flower
Wild chicory : 9- Floret
Wild chicory : 10- Flowers
Photos of  Cichorium intybus