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Common Milkweed

Asclepias syriaca

Asclépiade commune

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My favorite among "weeds".
Looking at it invading wasteland, we could believe ourselves in presence of an introduced plant, yet the Common milkweed is native. It is rather the work of man that favors its development in those places, although it's present in the forest.
This is an undemanding plant that grows very well in poor soil, where it has little competition.
In addition to its beautiful flowers and the singularity of its fruit, the plant is edible when cooked.
The Common milkweed has many use for humans.
The interaction between the Monarch butterfly and the plant is fascinating.
Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca)
Common Milkweed : 1- Flowering plant
Common Milkweed : 2- Inflorescence
Common Milkweed : 3- Flower
Common Milkweed : 4- Young plants
Common Milkweed : 5- Leaf
Common Milkweed : 6- Plant with buds
Common Milkweed : 7- Flowers and buds
Common Milkweed : 8- Very young fruits (Follicles)
Common Milkweed : 9- Young fruits (Follicles)
Common Milkweed : 10- Fruits (Follicles)
Common Milkweed : 11- Seeds and papus
Common Milkweed : 12- Fruit after dehiscence
Fritters of Milkweed
Fritters of Milkweed
 Milkweed shoots
Milkweed shoots
Photos of  Asclepias syriaca Receipt  whit  Asclepias syriaca