Flore du Québec, Fleur de Lys
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Wild sarsaparilla

Aralia nudicaulis

Aralie chassepareille

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In addition to serving in numerous medicinal purpose, for example internally to treat lung infections, blood purifier, applied externally to cure eczema, wound care, the plant was used as a emergency food in war and hunting where the French generic epithet "chassepareille" : chasse pareille : continue hunting.

New England

A colony of Shakers (kind of Quaker) withdrew substantial income in the 19th century by selling lemonade made from Wild sarsaparilla, the sarsaparilla syrup.
Wild sarsaparilla (Aralia nudicaulis)
Wild sarsaparilla : 1- Plant
Wild sarsaparilla : 2- Inflorescence
Wild sarsaparilla : 3- Very young plant
Wild sarsaparilla : 4- Young plant
Wild sarsaparilla : 5- Fleur
Wild sarsaparilla : 6- Leaves (Plants top view)
Wild sarsaparilla : 7- Inflorescence
Wild sarsaparilla : 8- Unrippe fruits
Wild sarsaparilla : 9- Fruits
Photos of  Aralia nudicaulis