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Woolly blue violet

Viola sororia

Violette commune

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In Quebec we find about ten species of blue flower violets, some blue violets species are distinguished only by differences visible with a magnifying glass.
The Woolly blue violet is one of the most common that can be observed in southern and western Quebec.
It mainly differs from other blue violet frequently encountered by the fact that it is stemless (without stem, leaves and flowers come directly from the ground), odorless and flowers and leave are about the same height above ground.
The Woolly blue violet, like most other violets, may present in addition of its common flowers, flowers which remain closed and that automatically self-pollinating (cleistogamous flowers).
Woolly blue violet (Viola sororia)
Woolly blue violet : 1- Flower
Woolly blue violet : 2- Flowering plant
Woolly blue violet : 3- Flowers
Woolly blue violet : 4- Cleistogamous flower
Woolly blue violet : 5- Colony
Photos of  Viola sororia