Flore du Québec, Fleur de Lys
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Tussilago farfara

Tussilage pas-d'âne

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Often mistaken for a Dandelion, the Colstfoot show is flower a couple of days earlier.
In fact the Colstfoot bud appear in late fall spending all winter under the snow.
The leaves appears only after the plant as finish is reproduction cycle, there sizes are huge in regard of the flower size.
This introduced is probably widespread in Quebec after the many crops made for its medicinal properties.
Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara)
Coltsfoot : 1- Flowers
Coltsfoot : 2- Flowering plants
Coltsfoot : 3- Buds
Coltsfoot : 4- Opening flowes
Coltsfoot : 5- Young flower
Coltsfoot : 6- Flowering plant
Coltsfoot : 7- Flowering plants
Coltsfoot : 8- Plante fructifiant
Coltsfoot : 9- Fructifying plant
Coltsfoot : 10- Fruits (achene with pappus)
Coltsfoot : 11- Leaves
Coltsfoot : 12- Colony
Coltsfoot : 13- Bee visiting a flower
Coltsfoot : 14- Flower vs leaf size
Photos of  Tussilago farfara