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Painted Trillium

Trillium undulatum

Trille ondulé

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Like all trillium the Painted trillium has three leaves, three styles, three petals, three sepals and strangely this species is often encounter by group of three individuals.
This plant is a tribute to the number three !
The red triangle "painted" on the three white crumble petals is hard to mist.
The mature fruit look like a red pimento.
Just like the Red trillium this plant can show abnormalities such as albinism.

Painted Trillium (Trillium undulatum)
Painted Trillium : 1- Flower
Painted Trillium : 2- Flower
Painted Trillium : 3- Flowering plant
Painted Trillium : 4- Stamens and pistil (and a bug !)
Painted Trillium : 5- Young fruit
Painted Trillium : 6- Flowerinf plants
Photos of  Trillium undulatum