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Laurentian primrose

Primula laurentiana

Primevère laurentienne

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In spite of her name "laurentiana" we find this flower only in the east of Quebec and in very specific places.
Indeed, besides being exclusively maritime, the Laurentian primrose blooms only on the rock.
Thus her attribute " laurentiana " relates to the St-Laurent river rather than the Laurentian mountains.
The Laurentian primrose is only present in the north-east of North America: Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes and Maine.
Her delicate beauty is worth the trouble of looking for her a little
Laurentian primrose (Primula laurentiana)
Laurentian primrose : 1- Flowering plant
Laurentian primrose : 2- Inflorescence
Laurentian primrose : 3- Flower
Laurentian primrose : 4- Flowering plant
Photos of  Primula laurentiana