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Pontederia cordata

Pontédérie cordée

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The only one of its genus in Quebec, Pickerelweed likes quiet bays in large water bodies.
It is tristylous ie that flowers can have pistils (female part that extends the ovary) of three different lengths with each of the different forms with different stamens projections and pollen grains of different diameter.
Usually a given individual displays flowers of only one of the three possible morphological forms.
Pickerelweed (Pontederia cordata)
Pickerelweed : 1- Flowering plant
Pickerelweed : 2- Inflorescence
Pickerelweed : 3- Flowers
Pickerelweed : 4- Colony
Pickerelweed : 5- Flowering plant
Pickerelweed : 6- Inflorescence
Photos of  Pontederia cordata