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Early saxifrage

Micranthes virginiensis

Saxifrage de virginie

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One of the first plants to bloom in our mountains, as well in Appalachians as in the Laurentian.
It is so discreet that at first sight one could confuse it with a plant dry and dead from the previous summer.
The heavily pubescent stem of the Early saxifrage would aim at preventing the crawling insects from reaching flowers, as they are less well good pollinators than the flying insects.
Early saxifrage (Micranthes virginiensis)
Early saxifrage : 1- Flowers
Early saxifrage : 2- Flowering plant
Early saxifrage : 3- Flowers and buds
Early saxifrage : 4- Base rosette and stem
Early saxifrage : 5- Inflorescence
Photos of  Micranthes virginiensis