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Indian tobacco

Lobelia inflata

Lobélie gonflée

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These small inconspicuous flowers hiding in the tall grasses are indeed bloated!
The Indian tobacco contains an alkaloid similar to nicotine, lobeline.
Cattle in pastures avoid consuming it.
Has been used for a long time as a substitute for tobacco, moreover it is still used as such in parts of the United States.
According to Marie-Victorin should be considered as a violent poison.
Its Latin epithet "inflata" (inflated) comes from its swollen fruits (capsules).
Indian tobacco (Lobelia inflata)
Indian tobacco : 1- Flower
Indian tobacco : 2- Flowering plants
Indian tobacco : 3- Inflorescence
Indian tobacco : 4- Leaves and flower
Indian tobacco : 5- Flowers
Indian tobacco : 6- Fruits (capsules)
Indian tobacco : 7- Flowers ans fruits
Photos of  Lobelia inflata