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Linaria vulgaris

Linaire vulgaire

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The Butter-and-eggs is an introduced ruderal (plant species that is first to colonize disturbed lands).
As this plant has managed to introduce itself in Greenland, it should colonize our northern latitudes as humans settled there.
Because the flower of the Butter-and-eggs is closed by its under lip, pollination requires heavy insects such as bumble bees that can lower it.
Bee plant, flowering from early summer to the first snowfall.
Butter-and-eggs (Linaria vulgaris)
Butter-and-eggs : 1- Flowers
Butter-and-eggs : 2- Inflorescence
Butter-and-eggs : 3- Flowering plants
Butter-and-eggs : 4- Flowers
Butter-and-eggs : 5- Flowering plant
Photos of  Linaria vulgaris