Flore du Québec, Fleur de Lys
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Canada lily

Lilium canadense

Lis du canada

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On seeing this beautiful bulbous plant, it is hard to believe that it is native, and yet this is a beautiful wild flower native to here.
Most of the time the flower is yellow mottled brown on the inside, but you can find orange individuals and even red ones.
Canada lily is declared species vulnerable to harvest in Quebec.
The occurrences of this species are not to be reported.
On the other hand, avoid picking.
It's vulnerability is due to increasing habitat loss, gathering, and grazed by deer who love this plant.
Canada lily (Lilium canadense)
Canada lily : 1- Flowering plants
Canada lily : 2- Flower
Canada lily : 3- Colony
Canada lily : 4- Flowers
Canada lily : 5- Flower and leaf whorl
Canada lily : 6- Colony with flowers and buds
Canada lily : 7- Colony
Photos of  Lilium canadense