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Wild strawberry

Fragaria virginiana

Fraisier des champs

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It's the little strawberry that is found everywhere: in fields, open places, and on roadsides.
Although much smaller, it is sweeter and more flavorful than the cultivated strawberry.
There is also in Quebec a subspecies of the Wild strawberry hardly distinguishable from the typical species, the Smooth wild strawberry.
Another species, the Woodland strawberry, can be found in our forests, it has more elongated fruit .
Wild strawberry (Fragaria virginiana)
Wild strawberry : 1- Flower
Wild strawberry : 2- Flowering plants
Wild strawberry : 3- Leaves and buds
Wild strawberry : 4- Young flowers
Wild strawberry : 5- Inflorescence
Wild strawberry : 6- Plants with fruits
Wild strawberry : 7- Fruit
Photos of  Fragaria virginiana