Flore du Québec, Fleur de Lys
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Cornus canadensis

Cornouiller quatre-temps

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Another proof that the arts of seduction are not just the prerogative of humans.
Small leaves that come with the flower which are called bracts, are gradually transformed into simili white petals and surround the inflorescence.
This "makeup" increase the visibility of flowers for pollinating insects.
The true flowers themselves are very tiny.
The true petals are a marvel of mechanics, at the slightest touch they expel the pollen with an energy 800 times greater than that generated by the space shuttle during takeoff.
Bunchberry (Cornus canadensis)
Bunchberry : 1- Flowering plants
Bunchberry : 2- Flower head
Bunchberry : 3- Young plant
Bunchberry : 4- Buds with green bracts
Bunchberry : 5- Flowers and buds, greenish bracts
Bunchberry : 6- Flowering plant, white bracts
Bunchberry : 7- Flowers of the flower-head
Bunchberry : 8- Pollinated flowers
Bunchberry : 9- Fallen bracts
Bunchberry : 10- Young fruits
Bunchberry : 11- Young fruits
Bunchberry : 12- Fruits (berries)
Bunchberry : 13- Colony
Photos of  Cornus canadensis