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Pink corydalis

Capnoides sempervirens

Corydale toujours-verte

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Pink corydalis likes a poor, dry and rather granitic ground and in the forest.
It also prospers in the burned-out zones, multiplying on the first five years which follow a fire.
Pink corydalis blooms of the end of the spring (at the end of May) to the beginning of the autumn (to the end of October).
The Latin specific names sempervirens (always green) comes from its persistent foliage.
Pink corydalis (Capnoides sempervirens)
Pink corydalis : 1- Fleurs
Pink corydalis : 2- Flowering plant
Pink corydalis : 3- Flowers
Pink corydalis : 4- Flowering plant
Pink corydalis : 5- Plant before bloom
Pink corydalis : 6- Flowers
Pink corydalis : 7- Fruits
Photos of  Capnoides sempervirens