Flore du Québec, Fleur de Lys
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4) Sources

Canadensys logoMy source for the official name of a species (accepted species name) is VASCAN (database of vascular plants of Canada), an online database on the web site Canadensys.
This also applies for the English name (accepted English vernacular name).
For the French name of a species (accepted French vernacular name) I am also referring to Vascan unless I find another French name to describe the same species in a publication, subsequent to the year 2000, of a recognized Quebecois botanist.
Flore printanière I made this choice because I believe that our flora deserves better than names translated from Latin, especially for a nation like us, so rich culturally, by the way Brother Marie-Victorin, who is the author of most of these French names translated from Latin, said this in his Flore Laurentienne : «People outside nature sciences ... can hardly believe that the majority of our Laurentian plants do not have French names .... The only resource of the author of the Flore laurentienne was to gallicize... scientific names often meaningless and without any euphony ...»

Most "official" vernacular French names on this web site that do not emanate from VASCAN, comes from the book Flore printanière (2002), by the botanist Gisèle Lamoureux of Fleurbec group.